Go to App Admin -->InstaPlus Shoppable Instagram--> Gallery

Open the gallery and you will see below options there,

1. Choose Layout --> you can choose different layouts.

2. Rows,columns,Margin settings --> set number of rows, columns and set the margins.

3. Show Load More Button --> To enable load more button.

4. Customize your Hover --> To change the foreground and background color.

5. Show Date, Like/comment --> to display date, like, comments on insta feeds.

6. Filter by hashtag --> to display feeds according to the hashtags.

7. Pop up settings --> To display CTA button, Avatar, display shop pricing.

8. Font family --> change the font family.

9. Custom Gallery Embedded Code --> with using this code you can display instafeeds where you want to display on your website.

Please have a look at below image you will see all the options there.