After spending hours, weeks, and maybe even months, we are super excited to publish the "Advanced Plan" of our leading Shopify app Rivyo. Rivyo with more than 3000 installations in live stores is one of the leading Shopify apps.

Our Shopify apps developer believes that each Rivyo user deserves to make more sales by with pride. This New features that our Rivyo family members will love to have in their Shopify store. 

What Rivyo Already Have..!

1. Add Reviews --> Let your shoppers add review including review text.

2. Approve/Disapprove Question --> Admin can approve or disapprove each question that is raised by the customer.

3. CSV Import Export Review  --> import and export unlimited reviews using CSV with just a single click.

4. Verify & Unverified Users --> Make users verified or unverified to show user status.

5. Send Feedback Mail  --> send a request mail to customers to add reviews for your product.

6. Multi-Language --> completely multi-language support.

7. Like Dislike Review --> shoppers can like or dislike reviews.

8. Social Sharing Review --> Shoppers can share their reviews on social media like Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest, etc.

9. Customize mail template --> Admin can make their own custom email template to send customers for feedback. 

10. Email notification to admin --> to send mail to each admin when any shoppers add a review of any product fo the store.

11. Live Support --> Our team is always available to solve any issue about app installation steps or any other technical puzzle.

12. SEO Snippet --> shows product rating in the google search results to impress customers.

What's New In Advanced Plan?

1. Advance Admin Dashboard --. A real-time dashboard to measure the performance of all product's review & raised Q-A.

2. Photo Review -->upload review images.

3. Add Testimonial Layout --> reviews can be displayed anywhere in your store as a testimonial with diverse attractive testimonial design layout.

4. Add Questions And Answer --> let your customer ask a question and answer through admin.

5. Add Questions Answer Through Admin --> Admin can publish many questions and answers to remove any kind of confusion about a product.

6. Create Review Page --> Create a completely new review page to display all reviews of all products.

7. Edit Review Through Admin --> Rewrite customer added review.

8. Import Aliexpress Product Review--> Easily import your valuable reviews(max. limit-100) back to your store from AliExpress.

9. Import Amazon Product Review -->Easily import your valuable unlimited reviews back to your store from Amazon.

10. Send Automatic Feedback Mail -->After order fulfillment, send an automatic mail to the purchases to add a review of that product.

11. Hide Review Label Of Non-rating Products --> Hide review count label of product which has zero reviews.

12. Verified Buyer Icon Customization --> Choose to verify buyer icon from various attractive designs of icons.

13. Auto-Published Review --> Automatically publish reviews with higher ratings.

14. Response To Review. --> Admin can give a reply to customer added review.

15. View Product By Review --> See the list of products by all reviews of the entire store.

16. Average rating section different layout --> Select an alternative layout from various layout designs.

17. Remove Powered By Branding Label --> Remove "powered by Rivyo" branding label from your product detail page and all review page.