There are 4 types of bundles you can create.

1. Product Bundle

2. Variant Bundle

3. Quantity Bundle

4. Custom Bundle

Let's have a look at all bundles here.

1. Product bundle: Create a bundle with different products.  (Customers will get the option to select the variant they want in the bundle) 

2. Variant bundle: Create a bundle with multiple variants of the same product.  (You have to pre-select the variant here and customers will only buy that variant from the bundle) 

3. Quantity bundle: Create a bundle with a single product & it's multiple quantities.  (Create a bundle with one product and set the quantities and discounts. Like "Buy 2 and get 10% off", "Buy 3 and get 20% off") 

4. Custom Bundle: Create a bundle with your chosen products where customers can select the quantities of the products in the bundle.