Go through the following steps to create offer to provide completely Free gift.  

Step 1: Install App

Install Discount Box app -> Open Admin panel -> Click on "Apps" tab -> you will see Discount Box app listed as shown in Image.

Click on this listed Discount Box app.

Step 2: Go inside Discount Box app

# When you go inside the app, you will see 3 tabs on top which are Dashboard, Setting & Create Offer.

# Click on Create offer button from top 3 options, you will see options like below image.

# Now click on Create Offer button of Gift. 

What exactly is this offer?

You can Reward customer by proffering a product completely Free. When the customer is spending a big amount on your store it is worthy to gift them. You can gift any single product else a bunch of products.


Spend $500.00 get "Socks" free

Get "Hair Accessory" absolutely free on the purchase of $300.

Step 3: Create Offer

-> Add Minimum amount in textbox which need to spend to avail FREE product.

-> Choose products or collections that free. 

Step 4: Advance Settings

-> There is also an settings of Offer message texts. These messages will display when product added to cart & offer applied successfully. 

-> Do additional configuration to customize your offer. You can set a start date & end date of the offer. All these options are optional.  

-> Do not forget to click on SAVE button to save all the settings.

In your store, this offer will display like below image.