Go through the following steps to create multiple offer which is applicable only for cart page.

Step 1: Install App

Install Discount Box app -> Open Admin panel -> Click on "Apps" tab -> you will see Discount Box app listed as shown in Image.

Click on this listed Discount Box app.

Step 2: Go inside Discount Box app

# When you go inside the app, you will see 3 tabs on top which are Dashboard, Setting & Create Offer.

# Click on Create offer button from top 3 options, you will see options like below image.

# Now click on Create Offer button of Cart Discount. 

What exactly is Cart Discount?

With this offer type you can create multiple discount offer which is applicable on entire cart page. Create a variety of rule to give a different discount. Restrict access to the discount by combining multiple rules.

This offer type will allow your shoppers to have enormous kinds of discount offer on the cart page. Merchants can customize cart page offers as much as they want. There is no limitation for creating a rule. It can be applied total amount of cart, cart total items, same items in the cart else total weight of the cart. 


5% off If Cart items > 10

18% off If Cart amount >= $700.00

$10.00 minus If the number of same items in the cart is = 4

$100.00 minus If cart total weight (kg) is = 17

12% off If the number of same items in the cart is = 3

Step 3: Create Offer

-> To create this offer, firstly choose 1st radio button option if any of the listed condition is applicable.

-> Choose 2nd radio button option if you want that all conditions must be true to give discount.

-> After that, create conditions by giving all necessary data.

-> Choose discount type to give %off else to deduct particular dollar amount off from product price.

Step 4: Advance Settings  

-> There is also an settings of Offer message texts. These messages will display when offer applied successfully. 

-> Do additional configuration to customize your offer. You can set a start date & end date of the offer. All these options are optional.  

-> Do not forget to click on SAVE button to save all the settings.

In your store, this offer will display like below image.