Featured Product Section: Which is Must have section on your homepage. This section encourage customer to directly purchase most desired product.

To customize this section go to, Online Store -> Customize -> Select Home -> Home Featured Product.

Checkout how you can customize this section.

* Select the product you want to boost else select the most wanted product of your store.

* Check the checkbox of "Show Vendor" to show the vendor of product.

* Check the checkbox of "Show SKU" to show the SKU.

* Check the checkbox of "Show Product Type" to show the type of Product.

* Check the checkbox of "Show Description" to display Product complete Description.

* Select the Layout style of Product Variants.

* Show/Hide Social sharing buttons.

* Show/Hide Wishlist Button.

Check the advance settings of Featured Product in Theme Settings.

* Cart Method:
- Select "Ajax Cart", if you want scrolling sidebar when someone click on "Add To Cart" button.

- Select "Redirect To Cart Page", if you want to redirect your shoppers directly to the cart page.

Note: Any changes from Theme Settings will affect your entire store.