1. Live chat support
2. Upgrade Server Speed and capicity


1. Hide zero review's Average Rating Badge
2. Change some UI so no more white space
3. Select a font family as you need from the drop-down list or you can set your theme's font family
4. Easily filter a reviews that you want in admin
5. Add question's answer with new line features
6. Upgrade review mail notification
7. Update review section design so it will looks perfect in any device
8. Fixed the Corrupt Image issue
9. Fixed comma sapereted CSV file issue


1. Added all the missing language translation fields including form validation.
2. Improve review import process so you don't have to wait too much
3. Hide the text from Average Rating Badge and display only stars
4. Direct create a All Reviews page from app
5. Admin can add dummy reviews using same email from app admin side so no warry abovu empty review


1. Hide customer Image and Review image from app admin
2. Set the system cache so app admin work faster
3. All Reviews page with pagination limit
4. Upgrade Server Speed and capicity so no need to warry above load time
5. Upgrade Front End and Back End Load time
6. User can sort the reviews from drop-down menu


1. Set Review section's body text color and font size
2. Set Review title text color and font size
3. Set button background color text color and font size
4. Set Verified label background color text color and font size
5. Set Customer Name text color and font size
6. Set Review date text color and font size
7. Set Review date's date format
8. Hide social sharing icons and like/dislike icons
9. Improve JS so no conflict with other theme JS


1. Add reviews in any language
2. Add review from admin side
3. Admin can send feedback mail to customer
4. Improve load speed
5. Auto Installation code option in app admin so you don't need to add app code manually