Orlando theme will give you lots of options to setup your header Top-bar section. You just need to check the checkbox if you want to show a particular text, button or image.

1. Set Left Section.

* Check the checkbox if you want to display TOP BAR else Phone Number & Announcement Text.

* Add "Phone Number", "Announcement text" & "Announcement text link" in the Text-box which you want to display.

2. Set Right Section.

* Check "currency picker", "language picker" & "Social Icon" to display Currency Drop-down, Language Drop-down & Social icons.

* You can change the background color of Top bar as well as Top bar text color.

3. Header Options.

* Check the checkbox to Fix header, Stick header on scroll, Enable Search, Enable transparent header, select Header background color & change Background Opacity.

4. Logo Options.

* Select logo image for both - Desktop & Mobile 

* Change logo width in Pixels as per your need.

5. Cart Icon Layout

* Change cart icon else Cart Image.

* Check "Show wish-list link" if you want to give Wish-list option inside Account Icon.