Product Detail Page Setup

1. How do I setup Product Page Layout?

* Change size of Image, Gallery image position, thumbnail images, thumbnail image position.

* Easily Show/Hide other product detail options like Wishlist Button, Product Description, Product In-stock availability option and many other alternatives with below available settings.

2.1 How do I show inventory on Product page?

* Check the checkbox of "Show Product Inventory" to display the left out products of store,.

* Even you can change the color of Countdown Timer.

2.2 How do I set Timer Option?

* Orlando theme is providing an option of displaying the countdown timer to encourage the customers for do not miss any SALE.

* Add title and set title color option.

* There are 2 different layout of Timer to fulfill your unique needs.

2.3 How do I set product swatches?

* Enable product swatches options with Orlando theme.

* Change style and size of swatches icon.

3. How do I enable trust badges?

* To display trust badges Check the checkbox -> select 3 images of trust badges.

4. How do I enable product tabbing option?

* Show other information about products with tabbing options, you can change the title of each tab. 

5. How to display Related Products & Recently viewed items?

* check the checkbox to display Related Products & Recently viewed items, you can change the title as well as set items you want to display.