How to Enable Product Reviews?

Go through this entire article to enable product review on Product page and collection page.

1. Go to Shopify App Store.

2. Search for Product Reviews in search tab.

3. Click on the Product Reviews app by Shopify.

4. Add app in your store by click on the "Add App" button.

5. Once your application gets install, Product Review app will be listed in the Apps tab.

6. Copy and paste below code to display star rating on your product detail page.

Code Snippet 1.

<span class="shopify-product-reviews-badge" data-id="{{ }}"></span>

7. Copy and paste below code to let user add review for product.

Code Snippet 2.

<div id="shopify-product-reviews" data-id="{{}}">{{ }}</div>

8. You can also display star rating on collection page, just check the checkbox of "Show Star Review rating" to display stars.

To get more idea about how to add code in coding section Go to Product Review App -> Settings -> "Installation Instruction".